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Beyond Facial Rejuvenation
September 2019

What skin really needs is not more botox or fillers. Gain insight on the WOW results ancient beauty secrets and techniques, beyond synthetic chemicals, has to offer.

V - Steam 101
September 2019

So you have menstrual cramps, cysts, infections, infertility? Applying warm steam to the pelvic floor, enriched with herbal medicines, help heal vaginal issues naturally without drugs.

Lymphatic RESET
September 2019

Nothing you do, diet, exercise, and such compares to something like a leech that literally sucks toxic lymph out. Learn more about how leech therapy can detoxify you.


Ancient Beauty Secrets of the Queens.

True beauty begins inside…turn back time and feel younger, stronger and fully alive.


Go beyond wellness to true health and beauty.


Healing is an art.

Art can penetrate the very deepest part of you.

Bringing back the beauty of your skin and enlivening your life force takes skill, expertise and the right tools to make all the difference.

Modern innovation of the simple 7-Star needle into hundreds of microscopic surgical steel needles…

Regenerative biological stem cells from placenta, an ancient tonic for longevity, flash frozen and ethically sourced…

This is real regenerative medicine.



Medicial Microneedling

Collagen Induction Therapy helps skin grow by stimulating, not annihilating. The top layer of the skin remains intact, we just add to it.

For best results, expert skill is essential to understand how best suited that fine line is for each unique face.