Cosmetic Acupuncture

Get your glow back with beautifying treatments that not only make you look younger but help you feel more alive. You can expect to not only get better sleep, feel more energy as well but look radiant. This treatment treats the whole body through the face corresponding to reflex zones to vital organs so it will be helping you feel and look more fully alive.



This recent innovation with acupuncture gives us the ability to continuously stimulate needles like a an acupuncturist gently twirling the needle. It has proven to have a stem cell procedure effect to help regenerate tissue and regulate homeostasis with remarkable results.


Full body Acupuncture

Energize all your meridians and spin open those chakra to feel your whole body move with energy. You can expect more rising energy to help with fatigue or feeling deeply relaxed and less stressed. Energetic testing allows for a customized approach to assess energy imbalances.


Hypnotherapy + Crystal Acupuncture

More powerful than traditional acupuncture, adding crystals amplifies the energy of the acupuncture points to address pain and toxic emotions. The truth is traditional acupuncture does not address your emotions and mentality so relief is short-lived. Get holistic healing.